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Help! I think I have a virus
- Bootable USB Stick for virus removal

Before you begin: 

Make sure the infected computer can boot from a USB stick. If not, then you will have to use the Bootable CD option here,

In order to make a bootable USB Stick for virus removal, you will need the following:

  1. A computer that has USB ports, and is not infected.

  2. A USB stick of at least 1GB in size (this will be formatted, so if you have anything on it you want to keep, now is the time to copy it elsewhere).

  3. An internet connection, preferable ADSL or better.

  4. The following instructions:

Instructions for making a bootable USB stick with virus removal capabilities:

In order to make a bootable USB Stick for virus removal,  you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Download the YUMI software ( see link below)

  2. Run YUMI to first of start the formatting and integration process. (it needs no installation)

  3. Download your choice of bootable antivirus software (links found in the YUMI program) 

  4. Integrate your choice of bootable antivirus software with YUMI

  5. Finalize the USB stick with YUMI



Go  to and download their  USB Multiboot creator program called YUMI 


Run YUMI from an uninfected computer. 

You will need a USB stick/thumb drive/pen drive, which will be formatted and overwritten with the software (so if you want what is no the USB stick, now is the time to copy it to a safe location).

Select for USB drive that you wish to use from the list on the YUMI interface (YUMI Step 1)

Then under Step 2 (YUMI program interface) in the section below there will be a list of LINUX Operating systems (great if you ant to experiment with Linux without having to format your hard disk), now scroll down almost to the bottom, to the section called "Antivirus Tools". As you will see in the picture above, I have highlighted the AVG Rescue CD (Antivirus Scanner) option, but you can choose any one you like.


When you click on your choice of virus removal program, on the right will appear a link to the publisher's website so you can download the file yourself. What you are looking for is an ISO file, that is one that can be burned to a CD (even though we are using a USB stick). I found the the link to the AVG site confusing, but I finally got it here  

Download the top file (an .iso file) from the AVG site and save it ( even though the second file says for USB - YUMI will take care of installing it onto the USB stick ). Make sure you remember where it is save/downloaded.


Then in step 3 of the YUMI process, browse to the folder where you just downloaded the file, and select it. It should just appear in the folder. Iif it does not appear, just start typing in the box and the name will appear!!


Now the create button will become available. Click on the Create button.

Now we get to the....


Now make sure the infected computer is turned off. 

Now insert the USB stick that you just prepared above.

Turn the infected computer on and either go to the BIOS and change the boot order so that the USB stick is the first boot device, or some newer computers and laptops/notebooks/netbooks have special key to press to display the Boot Prioity (eg ACER computers, and GIGABYTE motherboards use the [F10] key, ASROCK motherboards use the [F11] key.

Select your USB stick as the boot device and hit enter and the black YUMI screen as below should appear.


Your screen might not have all the list but cursor don to "AntiVirus Tools" and there you will see the AVG rescue disk loaded.

Highlight it and press enter and AVG should strat up.

Now just follow the prompts, and good luck.

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