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Opps, Virus Information
and Have you done your backups?

Opps and hello.

I am sorry for the incomplete website, but I have decided that after a very long time I needed to update and improve this site dramatically, especially now that there is some much available for the DO-IT YOURSELF enthusiast and even the novice.

I think the major issue is to be able to remove viruses and other malicious programs yourself.

So my first step has been to produce the instruction to make a bootable USB stick or CD ROM that can remove viruses.

I hope that I have been able to explain things clearly and simply, and without too much distraction from all the ads that seem to be filling up websites nowadays.

I hope you like my site, and you will spread the word (and possibly shout me a coffee). 



Oh, and just one more thing:  Is your data really safe? Have you backed up lately?

There a number of excellent synchronizing software programs and websites with secure automated offsite backups. Why not use them?

We have found Dropbox and Justcloud both excellent and hassle free.

Why not try them out?

Please call again soon

Many thanks, 

Virus-Bulletin Team

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